Clean UX Design

Our Wordpress plugin automatically adds a simple and intuitive mobile theme visible only to users visiting your website from a mobile device keeping the desktop theme and the urls unchanged.


Installable in a single tap

Users will be prompted to Install your Web App. The banner will show up to the most engaged users.


Homescreen icon

Once installed, your users will have the icon of your Progressive Web App directly on their homescreen.

This represents a new & direct traffic source for your website and the statistics related to your PWA will be visibile on your Google Analytics account.



Your website will become much faster on mobile and if installed, your web app contents will be loaded in half a second.


Offline capabilities

A smooth offline experience guarantee that your PWA works greatly regardless of the network state.

Android Intent System Integration

This means that your web app can be opened with your voice like a first class app. Moreover whatever app on a device can interact with your PWA as if it is effectively installed.

So deep linking to content within the Progressive Web App becomes possible just by sharing the normal URL.

Google mobile friendly

Your website will perform well on mobile devices and as a result your SEO will improve since it will be considered as mobile-friendly in Google's mobile search results.


Get started

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