Native ads made easy

Just copy and paste the code, whether on a Progressive web app or mobile site as these customizable ad formats will seamlessly fit in any design layout for a non-intrusive ad experience.


Audience interests

Earn more revenue with highly targeted ads that match the interests of your audience.

By covering more than 150 interests segments and leveraging our machine learning algorithms, your users will see what they are more interested in .

music lovers
film enthusiasts
sport lovers

Hybrid Monetization

With our intelligent technology, you can now keep using your current ad network and take advantage of our advanced algorithms that will analyze your traffic and decide what to show.

If a specific ad has very high chances to convert then it will be shown and you get a commission for it, otherwise your alternative ad network will be called.


Contextual relevance

By continuously training our Natural Language Processing algorithms, we are capable of scanning articles and get an idea of what they are about.

Native ads will add more value to your content becoming in this way an extension of the article itself.


Customizable ad formats.

Use the editor to make native ads match the look and feel of your PWA/mobile website.


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