Privacy Policy

We value and guard the privacy of our users. The following page has the sole intent to inform our readers on how all data provided is utilised, collected and protected. When visiting this page, you accept the procedures that are contained within the Privacy Policy. Before proceeding, please bear in mind that this following policy applies solely to data collected on websites linked directly to Veramob's policy. This policy does not apply within other areas or third-party websites accessed via links from websites covered by the policy. Please read carefully third-party websites' privacy policies you may visit in order to comprehend how the specific websites use, disclose and collect any Personal or non-Personal Information. Moreover, the following policy does not apply in circumstances such as information collected through mobile apps, or any other circumstance.

PERSONAL INFORMATION - This refers to data that identifies the user directly, or a combination of data with external information in order to identify the user, collected or submitted by Veramob Ltd. Examples include names, generic data, social security numbers, street or email address, IP address, mobile number, and more. Other determining factors can include the ZIP code, race, gender, and other factors. Do not submit Personal Information you do not want to be collected. However, please provide any requested information, otherwise particular activities or features may not be accessed. Veramob Ltd does not collect Personal Information, unless provided directly by the user's own will through data fields or any forms provided. Users may contact us should they have questions or suggestions. However, be aware that when providing any information, Personal Information may be disclosed.

NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION - This category includes information that is not of a personal nature. This includes comments, ideas, suggestions, questions, or information collected not linked to any forms of Personal Information. Non-Personal Information shall be treated as non-confidential, and it may be disclosed or used without any obligations to the user. Veramob Ltd may use "cookies", text files that can be place within a computer's hard drive to track or collect information one's activities upon the site, preferences and selections. You therefore accept that Veramob Ltd , or third-party website affiliates, shall use "cookies".

HOW PERSONAL INFORMATION ARE USED - When providing your Personal Information, this may be used for contact purposes whether via regular mail, mobile phone, e-mail or other means of communication. To provide users with information requested regarding certain services or products, or future information regarding services or products that may be of future interest. This typology of information assists Veramob Ltd at improving designs and promoting products, communicate information at users, to enhance activities and marketing, and facilitate business functions.

DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION - Users' Personal Information can be disclosed (I) to security-related or relevant law enforcement investigations, or to authorities; (II) to establish, exercise, and comply with legal rights, or as defence against legal claims; (III) when Veramob Ltd deems it is necessary to disclose any to prevent illegal activities, fraud, or any threats to a user; and (IV) to third parties Veramob is following a program or activity with.

SECURITY MEASURES - Reasonable precautions are taken to preserve Personal Information against unauthorized use and access. However, please bear in mind that confidential personal information that has been transmitted across the Internet may not be guaranteed. Therefore, Veramob cannot guarantee that unauthorized access will not; please consider carefully.

HOW TO STOP GETTING COMMUNICATIONS - Should a user decide to no longer receive communications or information regarding any products or services, please contact us. Otherwise, it is sufficient to click on the "unsubscribe" link located at the bottom of any of our emails. The user may experience difficulties such as receiving materials after unsubscribing, this is because the lists have yet to be updated.

PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES - Veramob Ltd reserves the right to amend without prior notice the current Privacy Policy, under applicable law and without prejudice. This shall be done in the event of any change in the technology used, or a change in the business strategy. Should the privacy practices be modified or changed, an updated version shall reflect the changes and users will be notified of the changes when the effective date on top of the following Privacy Policy has been changed.

HOW TO CHANGE OR DELETE PERSONAL INFORMATION - Users may remove Personal Information from their customer records, or have their Personal Information amended by Veramob. In such case, please contact us.