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Welcome to "Veramob", thank you for visiting and/or using our Services. By becoming a User, you will agree to our following Agreements and Rules:

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Should you not agree or follow the abovementioned Agreements and Rules, you are not permitted to use our services provided. By accessing, entering information, or overall using our website and services, you agree and must comply with the provided Agreements and Rules.

SERVICES PROVIDED - "Veramob" is a platform with the aim of connecting Publishers and Advertisers . Whatever content is produced, "Veramob Ltd" shall not be liable for its use, purpose, or functionality and no specific property is developed. As a potential or actual User, our services are easily detectable upon downloading or visiting published property and other services available.

AGE RESTRICTIONS - Upon visiting or registering as a User, you confirm you are above the age of eighteen, or above, depending also on your jurisdiction's minimum age limit. Furthermore, you must be of mental capacity in order to enter into binding contracts and are able to comprehend the obligations, Agreements, Rules, terms, and warranties presented.

USERS - In order to qualify as a User, you must provide a password to secure your Account. Bear in mind that you are fully responsible for the safety and protection of the password, and are fully liable for whatever happens within your Account, whether done by you or not, unless exceptions apply. Should anything out of the ordinary or illegal arise, you must contact us immediately to resolve the situation immediately. This also applies in the event you wish to terminate your Account, and activities. Furthermore, "Veramob Ltd" shall not be liable for any damages or malfunctions that occur overall.

OWNERSHIP - All content and information, available in any possible format, disclosed and made available on our webpage will be owned by "Veramob Ltd". This will include any visual intellectual property shared and disclosed on "Veramob Ltd", including logos, brand identities, illustrations, graphics, etc. Should you have any concerns, worries, or enquiries of any nature regarding this Section, please do contact us and we will gladly assist you. Furthermore, all disclosed documentation and information will be registered, including common law trade names, service marks, and/or trademarks.

PROHIBITIONS or LIMITATIONS - As a User on our webpage, you have Rules to abide by. Moreover, the access and use of the information contained within our webpages must be for legitimate and lawful purposes. Users must be aware of and adhere to any laws, regulations, and rules concerned. It must be noted, that any activities relating to the User and "Veramob Ltd" must be in compliance with all applicable law regulations, particularly relating to copyright, personal identity, privacy, and intellectual property use. Regarding the content to be used and requested by the website itself: (I) you must not provide incorrect or false information, whether intentionally or not; (II) distribute, modify, copy, mutilate, hack, reverse engineer, deface, or interfere with the Services of "Veramob Ltd", or any operations relating to the webpage; (III) fraudulently impersonate another individual; (IV) gain unauthorized access to a Registered User's account, whether it is one or more; (V) frame or embed the services or the site; (VI) attempt or willingly introduce malware, potentially compromising the user/s, and/or the website itself. Moreover, Veramob's webpage will not be used for: (I) soliciting to perform or participate in any illegal acts; (II) infringing or violating intellectual property rights within this website and of others contributing; (III) violating international, federal, state, regional or provincial norms, regulations, rules or ordinances; (IV) inciting hate, harm, harassment, slander, defamation, intimidation, gender discrimination, racial, ethnic, age, disability, religious discriminations; (V) collecting other users' information without permission; (VI) spamming, phising, pharming, or hacking; (VII) any immoral or obscene purposes involving the armed forces.

DISCLAIMERS - Veramob Ltd is not directly, or indirectly, responsible for any of the risks, and liabilities, Users encounter on this page. Please be cautious, always be aware of who you are in contact with. More importantly, we assume no responsibility over damages to computers and software. The website also attributes no responsibility from any downloaded information from within the website that may cause harm to the Visitor and/or User. The User agrees that any use pertaining to this website and its services shall be at his/her own risk. "Veramob Ltd", together with its affiliates, being directors, shareholders, officers, or other relevant representatives, shall be responsible or liable for any incurred damages. Should you be dissatisfied with our Services, website, or any of the rules and Agreements, an instant remedy available to you is to renounce the use of our website and provided Services. Therefore, you waive any or all claims against "Veramob Ltd" and its relevant staff, such as representatives, licensors, and agents. Should your territory of residence not allow disclaimers or limitations of certain liabilities, these might not apply to you. Should any amount of limited lability be found unenforceable or invalid, then "Veramob Ltd" and its affiliates' liability shall not exceed a certain sum of money, depending on the seriousness of the breach. For further information, please do contact us.

LEGISLATIONS - Should a dispute arise before a court of law, the parties involved agree that the jurisdiction of reference should be that of the State and/or the city stated or visible in the contact information of the web owner or otherwise specified. The relevant legislation in this matter, shall be that pertaining to the United Kingdom (U.K.). We therefore advise you to research the relevant legislation before engaging into any contact.

CHANGES - From time to time, we may reserve the right to revise, and modify if necessary, the Terms of Use. In order to assist you in staying current with changes, we will note the date in which the Terms of Use were last updated on the webpage. Your use within the Website and its Services provided by following the revised Terms of Use will be considered as a method of acceptance. "Veramob Ltd" recommends viewing the Terms of Use from time to time.

MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS - Veramob's failure to enforce provisions contained within the Terms of Use will not be deemed as a waiver nor as a right to enforce the provision. Should any Section of the Terms of Use be determined invalid, unenforceable, or void pursuant to applicable law, including, however not limited to liability limitations or warranty disclaimers abovementioned, then the invalid, unenforceable, or void the provision shall be considered substituted by a valid and enforceable provision that shall closely match the intent/s of the original provision. The remaining Terms of Use, furthermore, shall continue to be effective. A hardcopy version of these Terms of Use, and of any form of notice electronically given, shall be admissible in a judicial or administrative proceeding based on or relating to the Terms of Use to the same subject and extent to the conditions as other business documents provided and records generated and maintained in a printed format.

Terms & Conditions - Publishers

The present Publisher Agreement ("Agreement") is entered by and between "Veramob Ltd" a London based tech company, and affiliates, and the business or entity that are represented ("Contracting Company " or "Parties"). The Contracting Company agrees to this Agreement upon downloading and utilising the Veramob's software development kits, tracking pixels, Application Programming Interfaces (API) and relevant documentations. Should the party not agree to the Agreement's terms, they do not have access to the abovementioned services.

PROMOTIONAL CONTENT - This may include graphics, texts, video and audio files, links and media provided by Veramob's sponsors. Conditions and restrictions may be imposed by the Advertiser for the sole purpose of the distribution and promotion of the advertisements.

REGISTRATION - To use the abovementioned Services, the Contracting Party is formally required to create a valid account. All necessary information must be provided in order to be able to register. The Contracting Company declares that all provided information shall be truthful, up-to-date, accurate and complete. Furthermore, said Company shall be responsible for notifying Veramob should there be any change in the provided information or in the event of a Security Breach. The Party shall be fully responsible for maintaining and safeguarding the Account's confidentiality and password. Furthermore, liability shall fall under said Company in case of any actions detected under the Account. We therefore reserve the right to decline the registration of any Account deemed unsuitable without liability to any individual.

LICENCE AND SERVICES - During its Term, the Contracting Company is granted a non-exclusive license for the use of the ad codes for the unique purpose of serving Ads through the Company's proprietary platform, including via the official website, available at: www.veramob.com

FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY - This shall entail: (a) displaying, promoting, interacting or distributing Advertisements that engage with non-natural persons viewing during the course of utilising any devices including browsing through any platforms or technologies, leading to potential falsely generated revenues; (b) automatically redirecting visitors, use forced clicks, misleading links etc. Furthermore, Fraudulent Activity shall also englobe any of these: (I) inclusion or counting of views or clicks: by a natural person who has been engaged for the purpose of viewing the Advertisements, whether exclusively or in conjunction with any other activities of that person (including, without limitation, employing any means to induce, encourage, incentivize or trick the end user into viewing or clicking on the Advertisements); and/or by non-human visitors (such as bots); and/or that are not actually visible to the human eye, discernible to human senses or perceived by a human being; (II) masking or cloaking any URL, or employing any means to obscure the true source of traffic, or conceal conversions; (III) generating automated, fraudulent or otherwise invalid impressions, inquiries, views, clicks or conversions, or artificially inflating impressions, inquiries, views, clicks, or conversions, or employing any misleading or practices (such as repeated manual clicks); (IV) Installing or transmitting Malicious Code. The latter shall mean viruses, worms, malware, spyware, adware, time bombs, Trojan horses, drive-by download applications or other harmful or malicious code, files, scripts, agents or programs, including code that: (I) is intended to or has the effect of misappropriating, hijacking, commandeering, or disrupting access to or use or operation of any information, device, hardware, system or network, or (II) materially interferes with or disrupts the end users' web or mobile navigation or intervenes with the end users' control over the operating system, browser settings, browser functionality or webpage's display.

PROHIBITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS - The Contracting Party shall allow any third party to:

copy, disassemble, translate, derivate, reverse engineer, scrap, adapt or attempt to uncover the code/Service or SDK; modify the provided Services, or attempt to insert any code, product or software, or manipulate the Services and/or Website in any way; alter in any way the Ad codes without Veramob's written consent; use the ad codes in order to create, or facilitate its creation/s, any product/service of competitive nature contrasting with the provided Service; modify, create derivatives works or crop the Ads, or any of the other provided substantive and creative materials, in whichever possible format, provided by Veramob or its Advertisers; or use Veramob's provided Services in ill-faith, contrary to the Company's own purposes. The Contracting Company hereby release Veramob from all waives and claims, of any nature, and/or demands against us in connection to all creative aspects. Should any of the abovementioned restrictions should not be enforceable under relevant applicable law, Company shall immediately inform Veramob before initiating proceedings of any kind, either in written or electronic form. Robots, scraping mechanisms, spiders, or other forms of technology or software used to access, use, modify, copy or damage the services offered beyond what is provided are prohibited. shall mean content that promotes or contains links to content that is (I) pornographic, sexually explicit or obscene, (II) harassing, threatening, abusive, inflammatory or racist, (III) illegal, contrary to public policy or that could facilitate the violation of any applicable law, regulation or government policy, (IV) libelous or defamatory, (V) is misleading or deceptive; (VI) violates the Proprietary Rights, or the privacy, publicity, moral or any other right of any third party; (VII) offers or disseminates any counterfeit or fraudulent goods, or services, schemes, investment opportunities or promotions or advice not permitted by law; (VIII) promotes the use of drugs or drug paraphernalia, illegal substances or dangerous products; (IX) promotes online gambling, or (X) harmful to Veramob's or any other party's systems and networks, or includes Malicious Code.

WARRANTIES - Each Party shall warrant and represent that: (I) it has the required authority to enter into the following Agreement and that, (II) the performance and execution under the Agreement does not conflict, or breach, with any other contractual obligations any of the parties towards the third party. Veramob warrants and represents that the offered Service: (I) does not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights; (II) shall comply with all the applicable laws and regulations; (III) shall ensure that no Malicious Malware of any kind shall be present within the Website. Veramob reserves the right without liability, to remove or reject Ads or Service Creations of any nature. Furthermore, any campaign may be suspended or terminated by either Veramob or its Sponsors, at any given moment or time, without providing notice to the Company. It should be noted that Veramob provides this Service acting as an intermediary between Company and Advertisers, or Sponsors. Therefore, Veramob shall not be liable or responsible for omissions or actions of any kind omitted or implemented by any third parties. The Contracting Company warrants that no Property: (a) shall infringe third party intellectual property rights; (b) display Objectionable Content, of any nature; (c) appeal to individuals below the ages of 13; (d) breach all regulations and laws applicable; (e) collect, transfer, or use end users' data in any form or manner; and (f) contain Malicious Malware of any kind.

PROPRIETARY RIGHTS - Means all intellectual property rights, including, without limitation to: (a) all inventions, whether patentable or not, all derivatives and improvements thereof, and all patent applications and patents; (b) all unregistered and registered: trademarks, service marks, marks, trade names, associated logos, trade dress, registrations and applications for and domain names; (c) all copyrights within works, all typologies of authorship rights, including moral rights, and all registrations and applications; (d) all and any typology of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets; (e) all rights of any nature contained within data compilations and databases; and (f) all tangible embodiments and copies of any or all of the foregoing, in whichever form, also in the form of electronic media.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - The Contracting Company shall possess all the rights, titles and interests within its Property. Veramob shall retain all rights, titles and interests within the Proprietary Rights of the Service including derivatives. Should Veramob be provided with feedback, of any nature, regarding its Services, all the feedback may be used without restrictions. The Contracting Party shall agree that the use of any aspect of the source code, which is licensed under an open source software, is governed and subject to the terms of the license(s) for that software solely, where applicable, not by the Agreement.

FINANCIAL PROCESS - Veramob shall pay the Company that is subjected to the terms communicated, considering Approved Transactions. The payments that will be due to the Company will be based and calculated on Veramob's reports and tracking systems, ultimately to be deemed as binding and final, and no other statistics or measurements shall have effect or be accepted. Reports shall be available monthly. Unless otherwise, the payments that shall be due to the Contracting Company, are based on a revenue share model, in which Companies shall be entitled to agreed percentages of the overall revenues that have been generated by Veramob. Veramob shall make payments when the monthly payment is $500, however the minimum balance regarding the first payment when using PayPal or similar services is $50. Should the payment not exceed the minimum balance, Veramob will roll over the payments the next month until the payment is above the minimum balance. All payments will be in USD and paid thirty days from the request date, either via PayPal or wire transfer specified accounts listed by the Contracting Company. All commissions and fees relating to the payments will be at the Contracting Company's exclusive charge.

DATA PROTECTION - Companies are able to track and collect data regarding the activities and characteristics of the Property's end users with the sole condition that the SDK is installed. This shall also include data relating to end users and/or their devices, whether these are identifiable or not, pursuant to existing device permissions. The Contracting Company warrants and represents that: it is allowed to use, transfer and collect data via the service provided; it shall provide sufficient notice to its end users and obtain their permissions, also any applicable marketplace requirements and policies, that is connected to the use, disclosure and collection of any data by using any of the provided services, including any technological methods that have the intent of collecting data, also for displaying targeted or interest-oriented content; it shall disclose, collect or use data according to applicable laws and the privacy policy. Veramob shall not receive data involving and concerning children below the ages of 13, or any financial, insurance or health data or data that could be considered of a sensitive nature.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY - The Contracting Company shall accept that the services are available on a "as available" basis, and shall acknowledge that Veramob shall make no disclaims, warranties, also of a statutory nature, including any implied merchantability warranties, non-infringement or fitness for particular purposes. There is no guarantee that the services shall be accurate, complete, error-free, bug-free, secure or that it shall function at all times. Changes, suspensions or discontinuations of the services may occur at any time, this includes also any availabilities of databases or features, without liabilities or notices. Furthermore, limits may be imposed upon certain services and features, or the Contracting Company may be denied access to services without liability or notice. Veramob, together with its officers, agents, director or affiliates, shall never be liable for damages that arise out of, or are related to the services or contemplated arrangements. Veramob's liability under any provision within the agreement shall not exceed the amounts of payments received by the Contracting Company in the four months that precede the applicable claim.

CONFIDENTIALITY - The parties agree that no confidential information of either party shall not be disclosed, unless there is written consent. The parties agree to take reasonable steps during the terms of the agreement and shall prevent disclosures of confidential information. Exceptions may apply to subsidiaries, affiliates, employees or others who must access the confidential information to exercise their profession adequately. When the agreement terminates or expires, the Contracting Company shall destroy or return all relevant materials that contain the confidential information. Confidential Information shall constitute any form of tangible, or intangible, data that reveals sensitive and private information regarding the contracting party. This may include documents, lists, software, trade secrets, designs (whether drawn or designed), conversations, know-how, technology of any form, engineering, operations, production, financial operations, marketing, business plans and strategies, and so on. However, confidential information shall not include information: known to the Contracting Company or in its possession without any obligations of confidentiality upon disclosure; released to the public and made available to any member of the public; developed independently by either party without relying or using such confidential information and that either party can provide written proof of any independent development; when applicable law dictates disclosure, unless one of the parties possesses protective orders; approved for release via written authorisation on behalf of one of the parties; or either party can prove that what was disclosed to a third party meaning there are no obligations of confidentiality. Veramob's pricing and terms of the agreement are deemed confidential information.

PUBLICITY - During its term, Veramob may refer the Contracting Company as its customer, as well as displaying the Company's logo and name upon the official website, together with other marketing materials.

The Agreement may be revised occasionally, in sole discretion, with the most recent version always posted on Veramob's official website. When access or use or Services, users agree to be bound by the following revised Agreements. No rights or obligations under the Agreement shall be assigned without any prior written consent, except when a purchaser is assigned by the company of all of the Company's share capital or assets, in which case the Company shall provide Veramob with a written notice of such assignment. Any assignments in violation shall be deemed void. This current Agreement shall be governed under U.K. (United Kingdom) legislation.